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Twitter to Stop Accepting Political Ads ➝

Jack Dorsey:

We’ve made the decision to stop all political advertising on Twitter globally. We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought.

The pessimistic take is that Twitter is taking the easy way out. They’re not leaving much money on the table by no longer accepting political ads and it gives them an opportunity to sidestep the whole conversation — dodging any potential heat from ads in the upcoming elections.

But this isn’t something Twitter needed to do. And their reasoning is sound. Good ideas tend to rise to the top and removing the influence of money might help ensure that no one has an unfair advantage in the overall political conversation.

➝ Source: mobile.twitter.com

Twitter Stands with Apple ➝

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO:

We stand with @tim_cook and Apple (and thank him for his leadership)!

I’m glad there’s another tech company that’s willing to take a stand on this issue. I hope others will follow suit.

Twitter is Listening to Suggestions From Developers ➝

Twitter’s been cataloging responses after Jack Dorsey asked developers for ideas and requests shortly after his Flight 2015 keynote. This gets me really excited about the future of the company — they look like they’re finally headed in the right direction.

Jack Dorsey Apologizes to Twitter Developers for Chasing Them Away ➝

This is a huge step in the right direction and I have high hopes that the company is able to back up his statements.

Jack Dorsey Expected to Be Named Permanent Twitter CEO ➝

Kara Swisher and Kurt Wagner, reporting for Re/code:

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who has been serving as interim CEO for the past three months, is expected to be named the company’s new permanent CEO as early as tomorrow, although that timeframe may change, according to sources. Dorsey will apparently continue to run Square, the payments company he founded where he’s also CEO.

If this pans out, I think it’ll be a huge step in the right direction.

Outspoken Investor Chris Sacca Backs Jack Dorsey as Next Twitter CEO ➝

I can’t say I know enough about the interworkings of Twitter to be an authority on the subject, but it sure seems like Twitter was doing far more interesting things when the founders were still in charge.