The following is a list of my current and past projects from around the web.


A continuously updated list of articles I’ve published elsewhere on the web.

Home Screens

A regularly updated catalog of my iOS home screens and Apple Watch faces alongside commentary about notable applications, complications, and wallpapers.

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Linen Wallpapers

A collection of wallpapers for nearly every Apple device, based on Apple’s iOS 4-era linen texture.

The Toolkit

A collection of shortcuts designed to smooth out the rough edges of writing for, and publishing to, the web.

Retired Projects


An aggregator of headlines from independent publishers that focus on Apple-related products and software.


The precursor to Initial Charge. You probably shouldn’t read it, the writing isn’t particularly good.

Geek Tees

A Sporadically updated weblog featuring some of my favorite geek-related shirts from around the web.

Initial Charge Shirts

The official Initial Charge shirt is available at select times throughout the year and is printed exclusively on American Apparel Tri-blend — the best shirts available.

Mac Media Server

The blueprint to my home media setup. What hardware and software I use and how I configure and connect the entire system.

Suggested Reading

Everything else that I read and enjoy on the web. It’s all of the well-written articles that I find, but do not share in the main section of the site. Not all of it is technology-related, but I believe all of it is worthy of your time.