The following is a list of my current and past projects from around the web.


A continuously updated list of articles I’ve published elsewhere on the web.

Home Screens

A regularly updated catalog of my iOS home screens and Apple Watch faces alongside commentary about notable applications, complications, and wallpapers.

Linen Wallpapers

A collection of wallpapers for nearly every Apple device, based on Apple’s iOS 4-era linen texture.


A list of writers that publish some of my favorite work on the web.

Sean Feucht Bot

An unofficial bot account mirroring Sean Feucht’s tweets on Mastodon — follow from any ActivityPub compatible service.

The Toolkit

A collection of shortcuts designed to smooth out the rough edges of writing for, and publishing to, the web.

Retired Projects


A regularly updated collection of independent web publishers.


The precursor to Initial Charge. You probably shouldn’t read it, the writing isn’t particularly good.

Geek Tees

A Sporadically updated weblog featuring some of my favorite geek-related shirts from around the web.

Mac Media Server

The blueprint to my home media setup. What hardware and software I use and how I configure and connect the entire system.

Suggested Reading

Everything else that I read and enjoy on the web. It’s all of the well-written articles that I find, but do not share in the main section of the site. Not all of it is technology-related, but I believe all of it is worthy of your time.