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HBO Now Highlights Hypocrisy in Apple’s No Porn Rules ➝

Sam Oliver, writing for AppleInsider:

This time around, there’s no need to log in with cable credentials — Apple is essentially selling porn through iTunes.

There’s nothing wrong with porn, of course. The only thing wrong is Apple’s double standard.

HBO gets away with it because Apple needs what HBO has. Could Apple have muscled a deal in without including pornographic content? Maybe, but they didn’t.

It struck me as odd when I launched HBO Now on my Apple TV and noticed the Late Night section. But, I expect apple held HBO Now to the standards they have for music, movies, and TV shows, rather than the standards they have for applications. HBO Now is packaged as an application on iOS devices, but it feels more akin to media sales than app sales. Or, maybe this is a sign of a loosening of the purse strings on explicit material in the App Store.

HBO Now Arrives on Apple TV and App Store ➝

A few of my Twitter friends had problems signing up earlier today, but I didn’t have any trouble when I tried it tonight. I plan on taking full advantage of the free 30 day trial to see if it’s worth my $14.99 every month. Silicon Valley is the only series I’m interested in at the moment so it really comes down to how often I watch movies or comedy specials on the service.

It appears as though customers will be able to sign up and cancel their subscription anytime. Which means you could subscribe while HBO is airing new episodes of your favorite show and cancel once the season is over. I expected HBO to require new users to commit to an arbitrary number of months when they sign up — I’m happy they didn’t do so.

I subscribed to the service using my Apple TV, but you can also do so through the HBO Now app available in the App Store.

Apple TV and HBO Now ➝

Today at Apple’s media event, HBO CEO Richard Plepler announced a new stand-alone streaming media service called HBO Now. The service will launch exclusively on Apple devices (John Paczkowski claims the exclusivity deal will last three months) starting at $14.99 a month, with users who sign up in April getting their first month free.

Alongside the HBO announcement, Apple also dropped the price for the Apple TV down to $69. I have two Apple TVs in my house and use them everyday — trust me, if you don’t own an Apple TV, $69 is a steal.