Mike Becky

The iPhone Pro and App Navigation Bars ➝

Allen Pike:

So, after ten years, the Home button is going virtual. Our beautiful new 812pt OLED display will have a function area carved out of the bottom, with Home in the middle. There are many things Apple could put on either side of the Home button – Android-like multitasking buttons I suppose – but iOS 11 gives us a giant clue.

He believes that app navigation elements — like “back” and “edit” buttons — will be moved to the bottom of the screen, on each side of the virtual Home Button. I can’t argue with his thesis — this does seem like the kind of change that Apple would make. I guess I’m just not sold on the whole virtual Home Button thing. I’m almost certain that it’s going to happen, but I expect I’m going to be one of those people that sorely miss physical buttons and white space on the front of my device.