Apple Developing Revamped, Cord-Free Beats Headphones ➝

Mark Gurman, reporting for 9 to 5 Mac:

With its resources from the 2014 acquisition of headphone maker Beats Electronics, Apple is prototyping a completely new set of Bluetooth earphones with the potential of launching the accessory alongside the iPhone 7 this fall. The new earphones are said to be completely wireless, which is to say that they do not even have a cable connecting the left and right ear pieces. […]

The headphones are planned to be a premium alternative to a new version of the EarPods, and are highly likely to be sold separately from the iPhone 7; a comparable model from Bragi will retail for $300. As has been previously rumored, sources confirm that the iPhone 7 will not include a standard headphone jack and will instead require headphones to connect via the Lightning connector or wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone will have almost no effect on me. I don’t care much about sound quality and have been using the headphones that Apple includes in the box since I purchased my first iPod in 2005. As long as Apple includes lightning-equipped headphones in-box, that trend will continue.

My car setup will have to be changed, though. Currently I use an audio cable from my iPhone to the auxiliary-in jack on my car stereo. But with this move away from standard audio cables, I’ll have to purchase an adapter of some kind. Which of course, isn’t a big deal at all.