Peach, a Social Network from the Co-Founder of Vine ➝

Casey Newton, writing for The Verge:

There’s nothing particularly original about Peach, but it began taking off in a significant way on Friday. I started receiving friend requests by the dozens when I tweeted my username, something that never happened with Byte. The app is silly and a little bit dumb but also rather fun, and that’s often a combination that gets a social network to its first 100,000 users. It remains to be seen whether we’ll still be booping and quarantining one another after the weekend. But in the meantime, Peach is Friday’s hottest social network.

I signed up for Peach yesterday and honestly, I don’t really get it. I quipped last night that the new social network is like Twitter, but you have to visit each of your friends’ timelines individually. The ability to post doodles, GIFs, and send things like waves, boops, and hisses to your friends is neat. But I just don’t think it’s enough to keep people coming back to the service.