Mike Becky

Starting Fresh ➝

Ben Brooks, on his completionist attitude toward RSS and Twitter:

I often have days where I wish that someone would accidentally delete my following list on Twitter and also happen to, coincidentally, delete my RSS subscription list s well. I wonder if that happened, if I would miss them?

If that happens, who would I follow and subscribe to again?

This reminds me of how John Gruber sets up new Macs. Rather than using migration assistant to move everything from his previous machine, he starts fresh and tweaks settings and installs applications, only as he needs them.

I’ve always liked the sound of this method — it helps get rid of the cruft you don’t use anymore. But I’ve never been confident enough to actually try it myself. Every time I consider it, I end up worrying that something that I need, even years down the line, will get left behind and at that point I won’t remember how I performed the tweak or where I found the obscure app.