No One Minding the Store ➝

Michael Tsai:

The Mac App Store is supposed to make things easier, but it’s also a single point of failure. Not only is it neglected, but sometimes even the existing functionality stops working. Mac OS X 10.9 introduced a code signing bug that prevented me from submitting updates for several months. In June 2015, there was a month-long iTunes Connect bug that prevented my uploaded build from entering the review queue. And I currently have a bug fix update that Apple has been reviewing for 33 days (with 8 days of waiting before that). When I inquired about the status, Apple told me that everything was normal and that I should just keep waiting. In short, the system is broken on multiple levels, and there is no evidence to suggest that things will get better.

The iPad Air 2 has been my primary computer since I first set it up earlier this year. But it isn’t until things like this crop up that I’m able to get some perspective on the foothold iOS has in my life. The last time I even touched my MacBook Air was before this bug appeared on Thursday of last week. I’ve just been toiling away on my iPad, business as usual, completely unaffected by Apple’s expired security certificate.