Regarding the 4-inch Form Factor ➝

Kirk McElhearn:

I’ve heard from a lot of people on Twitter, when I tweeted about this earlier, who said that they, too, prefer the smaller phone. I have no idea if Apple will be releasing another 4″ phone – other than, perhaps, keeping the 5s in the catalog, as the cheap model – but I would very much like to see one. If not, I’ll see if I can make my iPhone last three years.

The closer we get to the iPhone announcement, the less excited I am about it. Sure, the iPhone 6s is going to have a ton of new features, but I don’t think I want to carry around a device that big. My iPhone 5s feels like the perfect sized device — it fits comfortably in my pocket, can easily be used with one hand, and still offers plenty of screen real estate.

But alas, my current iPhone 5s’ battery is on its last legs and I’m desperately in need of a new device. So, if Tim Cook takes the stage and fails to announce a new 4-inch iPhone, I guess I’m stuck with the 4.7-inch model. I can’t say I’m thrilled about it, but I’m not going to buy another iPhone 5s — I’ll be damned if you catch me spending money on an iPhone two years after its release day.