One Singular Photo Library ➝

With the public release of Photos last week, I thought I’d link to a piece I wrote last month regarding my disappointments with the direction Apple is headed for photo management — the crux of my complaints being that there’s no solution for families wanting to maintain one singular photo library across multiple iCloud user accounts.

There’s certainly still the possibility that Apple could add such a feature in the future. And, it’s not as though the photo management experience is worse than it was with iPhoto. I can still process my photos the same way I have for years — importing them from my and my fiancée’s devices into iPhoto and then syncing our iPhones and iPad with iTunes. But, I would love Apple to offer a more future-proof, cloud-based solution that helps keep all of our photos accessible without needing to maintain two separate iCloud Photo Libraries.

I haven’t dug too deep into all of Photos’ features yet, but the application is absolutely stunning and very responsive when dealing with photos saved on my Mac. There was a couple of bumps in the road when I first upgraded, but nothing that I would consider to be a deal breaker — I’ve received errors when syncing my Photos library to the iPad which was fixed with a reboot and occasionally Photos won’t load the shared albums I’m subscribed to which is usually remedied by quitting and relaunching the app. Overall I think this is a step in the right direction from iPhoto, but I still hold out hope that Apple will continue building from here until Photos meets all my needs.