Astropad 1.1 Adds Pencil Support ➝

From FiftyThree’s news section:

We’re excited to announce our latest Pencil partner, Astropad, a beautiful graphic design app that lets you mirror your Mac screen right onto your iPad. Pair Pencil with Astropad to draw directly into Photoshop or any app on your Mac, and turn your iPad into a professional graphics tablet!

I hadn’t heard of Astropad until today, but the app looks quite slick and appears to be very highly reviewed. If I was in the market for a drawing tablet I’d probably lean in this direction instead of purchasing a kit from a company like Wacom. The convenience of being able to use devices I already own and the incredibly affordable pricing of the software would likely outweigh any of the benefits I’d receive from purchasing a dedicated device.

(Via Joe Darnell.)