Dieter Bohn Details webOS 2.0 ➝

Palm has released their developer beta of webOS 2.0 today and PreCentral’s Dieter Bohn has taken the time to detail all of the new features.

My feature in 2.0 is “Just Type,” which is a beefed up and rebranded Universal Search.

Dieter Bohn:

The more exciting changes here are underneath the hood: developers can now open up their apps to Just Type searches, making them fully searchable from anywhere on the phone. […] Just Type will be able to both search and initiate actions directly from the interface. So, for example, a developer could make a “Tweet This” Just Type action so users could type a tweet and send it all from the Just Type Interface.

The best way to explain it is: Quicksilver for webOS. I would love for Apple to open up their iPhone search feature to developers. My life would be a lot easier if I could search emails, tweets, and Instapaper articles all from one search box.