Matt Buchanan on JooJoo Tablet Developments ➝

Matt Buchanan writing for Gizmodo:

I talked to Fusion Garage CEO Chandra, who said they’re not only getting another round of investing, they’ve struck a deal [with] CSL Group, Malaysia’s largest OEM—they make fabulous BlackBerry knockoffs called Blueberrys—to cover their full outgoing manufacturing cost in exchange for revenue sharing. In other words, CSL’s covering the cost to make the tablet (which is being made by one of the “top three or four” Taiwanese OEMs, according to Chandra), and CSL gets a slice of cash from every JooJoo sold. […] The other big news is that they’re planning on opening a web app store. Chandra says that one of the iPad’s advantages over JooJoo was the App Store, which made app discovery easy through categorization.

Sounds to me like Fusion Garage went from making an innovative (yet barely useful) device to making the equivalent of an iPad knockoff.

No matter who is right in the spat between TechCrunch and Fusion Garage, it’s hard to take the guys at Fusion Garage seriously.