Sans Comments

I’ve decided to remove comments from this site. The internet has reached a point where the majority of those who leave comments want to speak directly to the writer, are spammers, or are people trying to push their own products.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still times when meaningful conversations take place in comments, but it’s so rare anymore. Most of the meaningful conversations take place over email, on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, or Blogger. These tools are so easy to use now that comment systems just feel like black holes.

This has nothing to do with the comments I have been receiving lately, as many of them have been fantastic. It has more to do with my opinions about the web and how web sites should run. I want to own as much of my web site as I can and think that Twitter, Facebook, and your own weblog are much better place for continued discussion.

I started writing online because I thought I had opinions that others would be interested in. I still want to hear what you think and if you’d like to comment on something I write feel free to email me at