Fusion Garage Will Reveal CrunchPad Details This Monday ➝

Patrick Hoge of the San Francisco Business Times reports that the company that screwed Michael Arrington on the CrunchPad, Fusion Garage, will be holding a video call with reporters and industry analysts on Monday.

Chandrasekar “Chandra” Rathakrishnan, founder and CEO of Fusion Garage, will speak to reporters and demonstrate “the device” both in a video call and in private briefings scheduled for later Monday at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, said Megan Alpers of San Jose-based McGrath/Power Public Relations.

I’m sure we’ll hear their side of the story.

Meanwhile Michael Arrington claims that Fusion Garage still hasn’t returned any of his calls or emails. Arrington has published two letters from their law firm to Fusion Garage regarding the imminent litigation.

What I find odd about this whole situation is that, if the CrunchPad was indeed just three days away from launch, wouldn’t it be likely that any other “inventor” of such a device would just publish specifications, images, and maybe even video of the device, before Fusion Garage even had a chance to move forward? I don’t think anyone should buy a device from someone who paints such a dreary picture of the future of his product. He hasn’t even mentioned the idea that it could eventually be released.

His initial post regarding this ordeal was entitled “The End Of The CrunchPad.”

The CrunchPad’s Bizarre Ending

Update 12/10/09: Fusion Garage Announces the JooJoo Tablet