Ulevitch on Google DNS ➝

OpenDNS founder David Ulevitch:

Google claims that this service is better because it has no ads or redirection. But you have to remember they are also the largest advertising and redirection company on the Internet. To think that Google’s DNS service is for the benefit of the Internet would be naive. They know there is value in controlling more of your Internet experience and I would expect them to explore that fully. And of course, we always have protected user privacy and have never sold our DNS data.

It’s clear to me that David Ulevitch is upset about Google’s announcement. OpenDNS redirects you when you make mistakes typing a URL, it also shows you ads when you try to visit a web site that doesn’t exist. That’s exactly why I quit using OpenDNS, Google is making the right decision in releasing this product and I’m happy to use it.

In regards to why Google is releasing it, Jason Kottke nails it:

There’s been a bunch of speculation as to why Google is offering this service for free but the reason is pretty simple: they want to speed up people’s Google search results.

The more web pages people are able to view the more money Google makes.

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