DROID Limited to 256MB of App Storage ➝

Taylor Wimberly:

The Motorola Droid will be the most powerful Android phone to date when it launches on November 6, 2009. However, the device still features the same shortcomings of all other Android phones. The Droid ships with a 512 MB ROM which contains only 256 MB available for app storage.

Google does not support installing apps to the SD card (and likely never will), so developers are limited in what they can create.

I understand the appeal of using SD cards to expand the storage of a device, but Motorola should know that 256MB isn’t going to be large enough for some users. Compared to most users, I only have a few apps installed on my iPhone and my apps are already using up 246MB of storage. I can’t imagine being constrained to 256MB.

I think the DROID and the DROID Eris are the best two Android devices ever made, but with operating system shortcomings like this, I don’t see how they expect to be taken seriously.

10/29/09: Motorola DROID