Whole Slew of Next Generation iPod touch, nano Case Images ➝

Cult of Mac managed to get their hands on a very large number of iPod touch and iPod nano case images. These images were posted to their website late Wednesday night.

Supposedly the manufacturers of these cases don’t actually have confirmation from Apple of the dimensions of these upcoming iPods but are so certain that they have moved along with production anyway. Cult of Mac says that they learned of the dimensions back in May (which is right around the time iLounge posted the iPod nano dimensions) and have done their own investigating to double check that they were correct.

In addition to the camera the iPod nano is also going to get a slightly wider screen, going from 1.33:1 to 1.5:1, as a result the click wheel will become a little bit smaller and move further down the device.

The case business is very competitive and all of these companies would give anything to have their products ready on the day the new iPods are announced. Unfortunately case manufacturers usually have to wait until Apple announces the product before they can start working on new accessories, not this time.

Update 10/7/09: MacRumors is reporting that some of the “leaked” iPod touch cases with camera holes have started to appear on store shelves.