iDisk for iPhone Hopefully Coming Soon ➝

iDisk for iPhone IconiDisk users have been waiting since WWDC for Apple’s official iDisk application to be released. Recently there was a pretty big sign that it might be coming soon.

A few days ago a support article was posted to (and then quickly pulled from) Apple’s website about removing the application from your device.

There isn’t really any information about the app in the article, other than mentioning what will be removed when the application is deleted from your device (all locally cached files), but it does show that Apple hasn’t forgotten about it.

I actually don’t remember hearing about this application during the WWDC madness, it must have been buried by all the other news. For those of you who also don’t remember it Apple’s iPhone More Features page has this to say about it:

The free iDisk app lets you view files on your iDisk right on your iPhone. Microsoft Office or iWork ’09 documents, PDFs, video files, and more are viewable in landscape or portrait. Even access Public folders of other MobileMe members with a few taps.

And, if you would like to read the whole support article the Unofficial Apple Weblog has a screenshot of it on their website.

Update 7/30/09: Apple’s MobileMe iDisk application has been released to the App Store.