Apple Rumored to be Dropping NVIDIA Chips ➝

Apple views NVIDIA’s proposals for renewed deals as “arrogance” and that much of the argument centers on the overheating material that triggered widespread failures in all GeForce 8400M and 8600M mobile graphics chips. The Mac firm has had to extend MacBook Pro warranties for up to three years and may be skeptical of NVIDIA’s insistence that newer models aren’t at risk of the same problem.

I really doubt that Apple would drop NVIDIA so quickly after transitioning most of their computers to the 9400M chipset. I’m sure that Apple and NVIDIA are in contract talks and wouldn’t doubt the idea of Apple being a little upset about the overheating issues with the MacBook Pro. But I really don’t expect this to mean Apple is completely dropping NVIDIA. It is much more likely that Apple just wants a little bit more assurance that this type of thing won’t happen again in the future (and a better deal wouldn’t sound too bad to them either).