MMS Coming to iPhone in July, Tethering Will Cost $55 ➝

Appmodo managed to convince an AT&T representative to shed some more light on when MMS will be launching and how much tethering is going to cost.

MMS is said to be coming in July and tethering is said to be $55 per month. The question still remains however, whether this pricing is on top of the $30 a month we are already paying for unlimited data or if this $55 plan includes unlimited data and tethering.

$55 seems absolutely perfect, not only is it slightly cheaper than most carriers charge per month for a notebook data plan but it is also only a slight bump up from the already a little expensive $30 for unlimited data. But, if the pricing is going to be $85 a month total for data and tethering it is outrageously expensive. So long as tethering is so easy to enable I don’t see how they can justify an $85 per month price point.

Update 6/19/09: The Loop is pointing to AT&Ts Facebook page where they have said that the rumored $55 extra per month for tethering is false. They didn’t make any indications about how much it will cost but it is likely to be around $60 for both tethering and data. $30 extra per month for tethering is the same pricing they offer for BlackBerry tethering.

Update 8/3/09: According to iPhone Alley firmware 3.1 beta has already enabled MMS, so it is likely that MMS will be enabled for all iPhone 3G and 3GS users with the final 3.1 update.