iPhone OS 3.0 Post Launch Day Roundup

Today was the official release of iPhone firmware 3.0. The masses have now had time to download it and are able to enjoy all the new features. But, one big feature of OS 3.0 still isn’t available, tethering. Luckily it doesn’t seem to difficult to enable it. 9 to 5 Mac has a quick guide showing you how to enable it on your iPhone.

Although UPS had previously been displaying June 17 or June 18 as delivery dates for those who pre-ordered the iPhone 3GS early on, MacRumors is saying that Apple has requested that UPS hold the device until Friday.

AT&T has also caved to the many complaints and is now offering early iPhone 3G adopters the fully subsidized iPhone 3GS pricing. If your upgrade eligibility would come in July, August, or September AT&T will allow you to upgrade to an iPhone 3GS now for the fully subsidized price. There was some question as to how AT&T would deal with customers who had already pre-ordered the iPhone 3GS, Gear Live says that they have already began sending out refund notifications to affected customers.

Not only did iPhone firmware 3.0 get released today but the major journalists have also posted their iPhone 3GS reviews today. Pogue, Mossberg, Engadget, Gizmodo, Sun Times, TimesOnline.uk, CNET, and USAToday all have reviews up. Andy Ihnatko has posted a gallery on his Flickr account showing some images taken with the iPhone 3GS. I have to say the images look really good.

I have all day Friday off and although I won’t be waiting in line at 8am I do plan on stopping by some of my local stores to see if it is even possible to purchase an iPhone 3GS later in the day. That is, as long as internet reports indicate that it is still possible, otherwise I’ll just wait a couple of days, I’m in no hurry.

Update 6/20/09: Touch Arcade found a very interesting bit of information on Apple’s iPod touch product page, it now lists third-party game accessories as one of new features with firmware 3.0.