Consider This The Post Where I Eat My Words

That’s right folks, I underestimated the demand for the iPhone 3GS and because of that not only did I go to the AT&T store before 3pm, but I was also unable to get my device today.

But, I have a pretty good explanation for it. I didn’t factor in all of the recent iPhone 3G customers who would want to exchange their device for the new iPhone 3GS.

When I talked to the AT&T representative that I pre-ordered my device from she told me that most of their stock was depleted by people exchanging their 3Gs for the 3GS. It’s possible that this wasn’t the case in other areas but it sure was where I live.

But, as I said in my previous post, no harm done. I’ll be getting a call and an email when a device is available in my local store, which shouldn’t take too long (hopefully).

Update 6/27/09: I did finally receive my iPhone 3GS on June 25, it is fantastic. Although most people have been focusing on the camera as the main feature to upgrade for I personally think that the faster processor and larger amount of memory are the most drastic changes. I don’t really take very many pictures but the ability to load web pages significantly faster is changing my life.