iPhone 3GS Post Launch Day Roundup ➝

Rapid Repair decided to take their iPhone 3GS apart to see what made it tick. They found an 833MHz ARM processor which has been underclocked to 600MHz and a PowerVR SGX graphics chip from Imagination Technologies.

According to AppleInsider, Apple is saying that it could take some customers up to 2 days before their brand new iPhones are activated.

John Gruber has posted a video on his Flickr page comparing PCalc launch times between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. To go along with that AppleInsider has posted a handy table showing various tests made comparing app launch times and web page load times.

The launch of the iPhone 3GS seemed to go significantly smoother than last years launch of the iPhone 3G. I would attribute that to the ability to pre-order the device online combined with the fact that they have two of these huge launches under their belt already.

Overall it was very successful, I just wish I would have considered iPhone 3G returns when deciding what time I was going to stop by my AT&T store.

Update 6/30/09: If you still haven’t purchased your iPhone 3GS you might want to check out Apple’s online availability page. With it you can make sure that your local Apple store has one in stock before you head out to pick one up.