Mike Becky

Businesses Will Want iPhones Because Their Employees Want iPhones

I was recently thinking about what happened in the 1990’s when home computers started getting ridiculously popular. Then people were primarily buying PCs, just as they are now, but the primary reason for that was because their computer at work ran Windows.

So I had a simple thought, what if businesses start to issue iPhones because their employees demand them? In the 90’s the office generally was a little bit further along than you were in terms of computers but now that has all changed. The Average Joe has a much better computer at home than they do at work and likewise with their cell phone. We are all a little bit smarter about what gadgets we want, and over the past couple of years it has seemed that we all want iPhones.

So, how long until the IT department finally cracks and starts issueing employees an iPhone instead of a BlackBerry? It’s only a matter of time (that is unless the Palm Pre does what Palm hopes it will).