TechCrunch Tablet Sees the Light of Day ➝

Back in July Michael Arrington announced a tablet project. This tablet was originally set out run Firefox on a large touch screen display, and, that’s it. But, their goal for the price was $200.

The last we heard of the TechCrunch Tablet the name was changed to “the CrunchPad,” it had a 12″ 1024×768 touchscreen, 1GB of RAM, and a 4GB flash drive.

The latest prototype, shown above with more pictures through the link below, still has a 12″ touch screen that we now know is capacitative. They haven’t disclosed any more information but claim to be announcing more details next week including videos of the UI in action.

I admit that I was a little doubtful that this thing would actually make it to market but with each iteration I can see that I was wrong. But, my major bone of contention was the original price point, and I wasn’t exactly wrong to think that way, the last price that Michael Arrington publicly disclosed for the device was $222 to manufacture, with the profit margin and cost to ship it I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a $299 price at launch. By the way, when is this thing going to be released?

Image credit to Michael’s (Arrington) posterous.