iPhone 3,1 Parts Shipping, 802.11n, Video Editing, and More ➝

As per usual the build up to WWDC is being filled with rumors about future iPhone hardware. Developers have been digging into beta versions of iPhone firmware 3.0 and finding some interesting things.

Not only have developers found mentions of unknown hardware model numbers but they have most recently found driver support for Broadcom Wi-Fi chips that would suggest that future revisions of the iPhone or iPod touch could be receiving support for 802.11n. An interesting finding by 9 to 5 Mac is that this chip may also give the iPhone and iPod touch the ability to not only receive but broadcast FM radio signals.

Other firmware findings show that Apple might begin to support video recording on the iPhone. It is unknown if all iPhone models would support the feature or just a new revision but there does seem to be some evidence of video editing functionality.

And finally DigiTimes is reporting that component suppliers for the upcoming iPhone revision have already begun shipping parts for the new device.

Remember that these are just rumors, and may or may not actually happen. My first impression of them however is that we will probably see video recording in the next iPhone hardware release, I don’t expect to see FM radio functionality, and video editing seems unlikely.

MacRumors and The Boy Genius Report both have screenshots of supposed video recording and/or editing functionality.

Update 6/2/09: The Green Room has posted a single image with a rundown of every 2009 iPhone rumor. A great reference for what to expect on Monday.

Update 6/10/09: FM radio functionality was not part of the WWDC keynote announcements but video recording and editing was.