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VentureBeat: New Apple TV Will Compete With Amazon Echo ➝

Jordan Novet, reporting for VentureBeat:

The company will build on its enhancements to the Apple TV announced last year, which brought the Siri virtual assistant to the set-top box. A new version of the Apple TV will solve problems with the existing box and remote control, a source familiar with the matter claims.

“They want Apple TV to be just the hub of everything,” the source told VentureBeat.

Earlier this week The Information reported on plans to build “an Amazon Echo-like device with a speaker and microphone.” Our source, however, says the device will be the Apple TV.

It seems to me like the Amazon Echo is at its best when placed in the kitchen. So, how does the Apple TV compete with the Echo if it’s not even placed in the same room?

Walt Mossberg, the iPod, and Windows Compatibility ➝

Tony Fadell, in an interview with VentureBeat:

I had a team making it compatible with the PC and Steve’s like, “OVER MY DEAD BODY! Never! We need to sell Macs! This is going to be why people buy Macs!” I said, “Steve, the iPod is $399. But really it’s not. Because you have to buy a Mac!” We had to give people a taste. […]

He finally said, “Okay. But under one condition. We’re going to build these and run it by Mossberg. And if Mossberg says it’s good enough to ship, then we’ll ship it.” He wanted to divorce himself from having to make the decision. But Walt said, “Not bad. I’d ship it.” That’s how we actually shipped on the PC.

Now we know why nobody told Walt to get off the table at that Apple event.

Matthew Lynley on Google’s Music Beta: ‘It’s Miserable’ ➝

In short, he wasn’t happy with it.