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I Don’t Like It When Apps Change Their Tab Bar Items ➝

I completely agree with Chris on this, changing the tab bar of an application should happen almost never. But I would go even further and advocate that developer’s allow users to edit the contents of their app’s tab bar. That used to be far more common than it is today — at least in my experience — and I think the trend is bad for users. Not everyone uses an app in exactly the same way and users should be empowered to customize the interface to reflect their usage habits.

➝ Source: chrishannah.me

The iPhone Pro and App Navigation Bars ➝

Allen Pike:

So, after ten years, the Home button is going virtual. Our beautiful new 812pt OLED display will have a function area carved out of the bottom, with Home in the middle. There are many things Apple could put on either side of the Home button – Android-like multitasking buttons I suppose – but iOS 11 gives us a giant clue.

He believes that app navigation elements — like “back” and “edit” buttons — will be moved to the bottom of the screen, on each side of the virtual Home Button. I can’t argue with his thesis — this does seem like the kind of change that Apple would make. I guess I’m just not sold on the whole virtual Home Button thing. I’m almost certain that it’s going to happen, but I expect I’m going to be one of those people that sorely miss physical buttons and white space on the front of my device.