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Tweetbot 6 ➝

John Voorhees, writing for MacStories:

Aside from the new pricing model, Tweetbot 6 has only implemented a handful of new features, including a few changes to the timeline view and some design changes. In the main timeline, you’ll notice more image thumbnails than before. Polls and cards are also visible thanks to the implementation of Twitter’s latest third-party APIs, and there are new dedicated ‘@’ and ‘#’ buttons in the app’s tweet composition sheet.

Even though I’m in the process of moving toward RSS and publishing short-form thoughts primary on mike.rockwell.mx, I still paid for Tweetbot 6. I have no problem paying a bit to support developers. Especially when it supports the development of one of my favorite apps of all time.

The update is a little lighter on features then I would have preferred, but I’m hoping the subscription model will incentivize Tapbots to develop a bit more aggressively than they have been with Tweetbot 5.

I have some complaints about the new link previews, though. Each time I publish on my short-form site, IFTTT automatically publishes a tweet with the content of the post and a link back to mike.rockwell.mx. This is all I want, nothing more and nothing less. But Tweetbot 6 generates a preview of the link. Sometimes.

mike.rockwell.mx didn’t have any markup indicating a want for this. There was no og:image or any of the Twitter Card tags. I just want the URL displayed in the text of the tweet. But what’s even more maddening is that there is no consistency to the link previews at all. Some links have a preview and some don’t — there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to when the preview appears.

And there isn’t even any consistency across devices. I can look at the same tweet on my iPad as on my iPhone and one will show a preview while the other doesn’t. I don’t have any idea why that would be.

I sent an email in to Tapbots about this and hopefully I’ll learn more soon. In the meantime, I’ve added an empty og:image meta tag to the site’s header to see if that might prevent the previews from generating. It’s not ideal, since I wouldn’t mind links to photo posts having a preview, but I’ll leave the meta tag on the site until I do a bit more publishing to test it.

➝ Source: macstories.net

Make Wooden Toys ➝

Daniel Jalkut, in response to Rene Ritchie’s recent piece in which he likened indie app development to wooden toys:

I remember when my kids were younger, marveling at the powerhouse of wooden infant toys, Melissa & Doug. If you have a baby and are part of a socioeconomic culture that can sustain it, you have seen these toys. They are everywhere. And they are far from cheap. […]

Make software that is inspired by wooden toys. Although the market is dominated by cheap plastic, there is real money for thoughtful, careful developers in the market that favors charming, slightly overpriced throwbacks to another era. Make wooden toys.

I believe there will always be a sustainable market for these types of applications. I know I’ll continue to buy them and I’m almost certain my small circle of friends will as well. I wish we could convince more of the general public to spend a fair amount of money on good applications, but I’m afraid those days are behind us.

But rather than give up on the indie app racket altogether, I think it’s time developers start charging sane prices for their applications. Follow in the footsteps of Tapbots and The Soulmen who charge $10 and $20 for their flagship apps. The market exists, you just have to start pricing your wares so that you can build a sustainable business from it.

Tweetbot 4 for iOS is Now Available ➝

Its now a universal app with external keyboard shortcuts, new Activity and Stats tabs, support for Apple’s San Francisco font, and is available for $4.99 — 50% off of the regular price — for a limited time.

I’ve been begrudgingly using the previous version of Tweetbot on my iPad because it was still the best Twitter client available. The previous user interface was decidedly quaint, but Tweetbot 4 brings with it a modern aesthetic that I’m more than ready to switch to. Honestly, I would have paid $4.99 for the iPad update alone.

If you want a more in-depth look at all of the new features, I suggest reading Chris Gonzales’ review on The Sweet Setup.

Tapbots is Currently Developing a Major Update to Tweetbot 3 ➝

From the news section of their newly designed website:

We are also working on getting major updates to Tweetbot 3 for iOS out. This will include landscape mode for iOS (finally), and the highly anticipated update to the iPad version. We plan on putting a lot of time and love into making Tweetbot a better product this year.

They’ve removed Convertbot and Pastebot from the App Store, as Convertbot’s functionality has been rolled into Calcbot and they don’t currently have the time it would require to update Pastebot for iOS 8. They’ve also decided to reduce Weightbot’s pricing to free.

Calcbot for iOS Updated ➝

Tapbots has released a long awaited update to Calcbot. There was a time when Calcbot was my snap-favorite calculator app for the iPhone, but I eventually switched to Llumino because Calcbot wasn’t (until yesterday) optimized for 4-inch displays. This update addresses that issue, adds an in-app purchase for unit conversions (for $1.99), and sports a new coat of paint for good measure.

I’ve only spent a few hours with it installed on my iPhone, but I’m very happy with it so far. I do think the new sound effects are a little jarring compared to previous versions of the app — I don’t find the high pitched glassy clicks while entering in calculations to be very appealing. I’ll stick with it as my default iPhone calculator app for a few more days and see if it sticks, but I’d definitely prefer they make the sound effects a little more subtle.

I am disappointed that this update doesn’t include a today view widget. While using my iPad, I often find myself in need of a calculator and having one a single swipe away is immeasurably convenient. I hope Tapbots decides to add it in the future — until then I’ll conline using PCalc on my iPad

iOS Update to Tweetbot Submitted to App Store ➝

Mark Jardine writing on the Tapbots weblog:

Seven months ago, we started working on a big update for Calcbot. We were hoping to release it sometime in the summer. Two months in, Apple announced iOS7 at WWDC. We knew this was a huge change. It would make every single one of our apps look dated so we had to make sure our flagship app was ready for it. All of the design work that went into the Calcbot update was rendered obsolete in one keynote and so we focused our energy on updating Tweetbot for iPhone. Playing with the beta of iOS7 over the next few weeks brought us to the realization that this would not just be a “re-skin”. We really had to just start over with the new foundation and concepts of iOS7.

I’m happy that they decided to take the time and work on a real update to Tweetbot, rather than just do a quick iOS 7 re-skin. There’s a few apps that I use whose developer simply reskinned the app and they don’t feel as good as they used to.

Tweetbot for Mac Beta ➝

Paul Haddad writing on Tapbots Blog:

A lot of our Tweetbot for Mac Alpha users have worried about what’s going to happen to them now that the Alpha has been pulled. A few folks have suggested that we release a new version but without the ability to add any new accounts, we thought it was a good idea and have done that.

There’s lots of bug fixes, so if you’re already using the Alpha go ahead and grab the new beta from the aforelinked page. The real news here is that because of Twitter’s recent API changes you will no longer be able to add or reauthorize Twitter accounts using the beta. I really hope that Twitter realizes how this impacts developers. Twitter became what it was because developers were building on it, they shouldn’t stifle that innovation and potential user growth.

Tweetbot for Mac ➝

Tapbots’ Mark Jardine:

Tweetbot for Mac is finally available! However it may not be quite as you had hoped. Developing for the Mac is no easy task, especially a full-featured Twitter client. However, we’ve gotten to a point where while not complete, it is useable.

They’ve released a public alpha that can be downloaded from their website. The app is a little buggy (as alphas tend to be) and certainly not feature-complete, but it’s a great work-in-progress.

And might I say, the app’s icon as superb.