Calcbot for iOS Updated ➝

Tapbots has released a long awaited update to Calcbot. There was a time when Calcbot was my snap-favorite calculator app for the iPhone, but I eventually switched to Llumino because Calcbot wasn’t (until yesterday) optimized for 4-inch displays. This update addresses that issue, adds an in-app purchase for unit conversions (for $1.99), and sports a new coat of paint for good measure.

I’ve only spent a few hours with it installed on my iPhone, but I’m very happy with it so far. I do think the new sound effects are a little jarring compared to previous versions of the app — I don’t find the high pitched glassy clicks while entering in calculations to be very appealing. I’ll stick with it as my default iPhone calculator app for a few more days and see if it sticks, but I’d definitely prefer they make the sound effects a little more subtle.

I am disappointed that this update doesn’t include a today view widget. While using my iPad, I often find myself in need of a calculator and having one a single swipe away is immeasurably convenient. I hope Tapbots decides to add it in the future — until then I’ll conline using PCalc on my iPad