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Patrick Rhone is Ending Minimal Mac ➝

Minimal Mac is a site I’ve drawn a great deal of inspiration from over the years and is the reason I ultimately hired Aaron Mahnke to design the site’s logo.

If you’ve enjoyed the site, as I have, I suggest purchasing Minimal Mac: What We Believe In, a compilation of the best posts and quotes from the site’s six year lifespan. It’s available as an eBook on Gumroad or in a print edition from Lulu.com. Patrick has also opened up sales on the Minimal Mac t-shirt which will be available to order until May 20.

Accidental Tech Podcast Shirts ➝

In one of the most brilliant pieces of marketing I’ve seen in a while, the Accidental Tech Podcast has announced the sale of t-shirts in three collections:

  • ATP Shirt Sport: printed on Hanes Cool Dri activewear and comes in blue for men and white for women.
  • ATP Shirt: printed on tri-blend or cotton American Apparel in black or gray.
  • ATP Shirt Edition: printed on tri-blend American Apparel in black for men or red for women, both featuring a gold-colored foil logo.

Even though the ATP Shirt is the most popular of the collections, the gimmick seems to be working. They’ve already sold well over 50 Editions with 19 days left to order. You can count me in with the Edition crowd — it’s likely the only opportunity I’ll have to purchase a product with such a moniker.

I also suggest listening to their announcement on the podcast, it’s perfect.

Geek Tees ➝

A site that showcases T-shirts and other apparel that appeal to the geekier of crowds. I’ve been curating Geek Tees for over four years and have linked to nearly 100 t-shirts and other apparel on the site. If you’re looking to purchase a gift for a geek in your life this is a great place to look.