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‘Might I Suggest an Alternate Headline to Forbes: Here’s an Article for Someone Who Just Discovered the Internet Today’ ➝

G. Keenan Schneider does a great job tearing apart Maxine Joselow’s recent Forbes article, entitled “5 Tech Gadgets You Think You Need For College, But Don’t.” Although, I’m surprised he doesn’t point out the absurdity of a college student buying a 50-inch television for their dorm room. Maybe I’m out of touch, but who actually does that?

Apple Removes App Store Games That Show the Confederate Flag ➝

I understand why they’re doing this, but I think this is a bit of an overreaction. Especially when there’s plenty of music, movies, podcasts, and TV content that depicts the Confederate flag and isn’t being pulled from the iTunes Store.

(Via #NoOctothorpe.)

Apple’s Humanity ➝

G. Keenan Schneider, on The Talk Show episode 123:

With Gruber’s astute understanding of Apple’s culture as a developer, a commentator, and a fervent customer, he gave Phil all the chances he needed to be a person. He asked tough questions and bantered playfully. This wasn’t a dance, well choreographed with a slow, deliberate build that finished in a calculated climax. It was a boxing match, with two fighters whose abilities were tested, ultimately ending not in a knockout, but with each combatant giving it their all and paying respect to the other as an adept adversary.

It’s my favorite podcast episode of all time and is emblematic of what Apple has become under Tim Cook’s watch. I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but I’d love to see more interviews like this in the future.