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Microsoft: We Need a Phone as Good as the Surface Line ➝

Aaron Souppouris, writing for Engadget:

Speaking to Twit’s Windows Weekly show, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Chris Capossela has admitted that the company’s latest Windows Phones are not enough to reverse the ailing platform’s fortunes. Describing the flagship Lumia 950 as simply “solid,” he told host Leo Laporte and Microsoft journalists Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott that the company has a lot more work to do before it can persuade people to “move from an iPhone to one of [Microsoft’s] phones.”

I would love to see more serious competition in the mobile OS market, but it just feels like it’s too late for Microsoft to catch up.

The New Screen Savers to Launch May 2 ➝

Over the weekend Leo Laporte announced the return of one of my favorite television shows from the early 2000s — The Screen Savers. The announcement was made during This Week in Tech’s 10th anniversary episode.

The show, which will be called “The New Screen Savers” in this incarnation, will be an hour long and recorded live every Saturday starting on May 2 at 3PM PT. The show will feature Leo Laporte as the host (naturally) alongside Megan Morrone, Mike Elgan, Jason Howell, Robert Ballecer, Bryan Burnett, and guest appearances by co-hosts from the original show.

I’m pretty excited about the show’s return — The Screen Savers is one of the reasons I fell in love with technology and continue to write about it today. I won’t be watching live on May 2, as it conflicts with my work schedule, but you can be sure I’ll be watching when I get home that night. And here’s to hoping it’s not just fan-service that burns out quickly, I want the show to have a long run and be great through all of it.