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Joe Rosensteel’s tvOS Wishlist ➝

Joe Rosensteel is far more negative on the Apple TV than I am, but I agree with a lot of the points in his piece. One thing I’d like to add to his list is the ability to sync the installed applications and home screen layout between multiple boxes.

We have an Apple TV in the living room and another in the bedroom, it’s irritating that I have to organize the home screen on both devices manually. If I install a new app or change the order of the icons, those changes should be reflected on both devices by making use of some sort of iCloud service.

Sad State of What to Watch on Apple TV ➝

Joe Rosensteel:

The Apple TV has been out for two months so let’s look at the bold changes the device has made to the media landscape. On the 30th of December, in the U.S., the What to Watch section of the Apple TV’s App Store features 30 apps. 19 explicitly mention unlocking content through a participating TV provider. 21 have no privacy policy. Only 5 explicitly mention closed captioning, but many more offer it.

Starting at Sixty Nine ➝

Joe Rosensteel:

Many have made the case that next year, the fourth generation Apple TV will receive a discount to $99, when a fifth generation premieres. Everyone pulled $99 out of their butts, but it sounds like a good number. We don’t actually know if the device is even on a yearly refresh cycle at this point though since there’s no pattern. It is still conceivable that it may be the case, but that’s still a 40% price increase to the entry point.

I do think the new Apple TV will see a price drop next year, but I’m still not convinced that Apple is going to be on a yearly release schedule for this device. The iPod and iPhone have always made sense to iterate every year because they’re small, portable devices that often break. And the pressure of two-year cellular contract put a limit on how long Apple could realistically go without releasing new iPhones.

Set-top-boxes are a different animal, though. The majority of them are purchased, brought home, set up, and never move until they’re retired years later. Is Apple going to convince the mass market — or even a large enough segment of it — to buy a new one every year?

Game consoles are probably the closest analog to the Apple TV. And in that market companies might release minor hardware revisions, but there’s typically 4-6 years between new, full-scale console releases. My guess is that Apple will stick to the 2-3 year release schedule that they’ve historically had for the Apple TV. But between each major release, they’ll make under the hood improvements to reduce manufacturing costs and perform price drops to keep everyone’s attention.

iCloud Music Library Data Loss ➝

Joe Rosensteel:

Apple has provided no way for users to revert changes that are being made in iOS, and no mechanism to recover deleted data. That really bothers me because if an automated system is going to make changes to optimize my data then it’s never going to be 100 percent accurate. Dropbox is really close to perfect these days for maintaining the integrity of my data, but they still have mechanisms to recover files and revert versions.

I’m more than a little worried about transitioning away from Apple Music once my subscription runs out at the end of September. And its sad that I feel like I should have 2-3 backups in place just to make sure I don’t lose any data.

I hope Apple does what it needs to in order to repair their reputation for me — a year or so of solid software releases would help tremendously.