Apple Is Destroying the Mac by Trying to Make It Safer ➝

Joe Rosensteel:

I was warned that the application was downloaded from the internet (I downloaded) and asked “Are you sure you want to open it?” because I had double-clicked on it to open it. Both of those things were definitely true, so what does the little gray text mean? Oh, it wants to tell me the time it was downloaded by Safari, which I guess I could put in my personal journal, but most importantly that Apple checked it for malicious software and none was detected.

Are you sure you wanted to do the thing that you told the computer to do even though it’s safe?!

macOS feels more restrictive and more annoying to use with each release. Despite having the best hardware in the industry, the operating system is starting to push me toward alternatives.

Outside of my day job, I spend more time in Linux than I do in macOS. And that’s a radical change that occurred just within the past year.

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