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iPadOS 15 Ruined My iPad’s Homescreen ➝

Chris Welch does a great job covering some of the annoyances of the new iPad Home Screen. To me, the most irritating change is the decision to have a more tight grid when there are no widgets present and a looser grid once you add a widget. I hate the tighter layout, but I’m not quite ready to start digging in to Home Screen widgets.

I wish Apple gave us more control over our home screens. Let me decide how tight the grid is, how many columns and rows I use, and whether or not to snap-them to a grid or automatically align them at all. The Home Screen should give you the option to have a fully free-form, drop-it-where-you-want-it layout or a more rigid layout that snaps to a grid and aligns to the top-left automatically. Or just about anything in between.

➝ Source: theverge.com

1Password Teases Safari Web Extension Already Working on iPadOS 15 ➝

I’d really like to continue using Firefox on iOS, even though the experience is far from perfect. But the existence of browser extensions in Safari is just too darn appealing. I’ll probably switch back to Safari once I’m running iOS/iPadOS 15.

In an ideal world, though, Apple would offer a level playing field to third-party developers, letting them offer extensions too.

➝ Source: macrumors.com