iPadOS 15 Ruined My iPad’s Homescreen ➝

Chris Welch does a great job covering some of the annoyances of the new iPad Home Screen. To me, the most irritating change is the decision to have a more tight grid when there are no widgets present and a looser grid once you add a widget. I hate the tighter layout, but I’m not quite ready to start digging in to Home Screen widgets.

I wish Apple gave us more control over our home screens. Let me decide how tight the grid is, how many columns and rows I use, and whether or not to snap-them to a grid or automatically align them at all. The Home Screen should give you the option to have a fully free-form, drop-it-where-you-want-it layout or a more rigid layout that snaps to a grid and aligns to the top-left automatically. Or just about anything in between.

➝ Source: theverge.com