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‘Google’s iOS Apps Are No Longer Great’ ➝

Federico Viticci is disappointed with the state of Google’s iOS apps. Specifically with the lack of Slide Over and Split View support for many of their apps on the iPad.

I can’t say it’s effected me much. YouTube and Google Photos are the only Google-developed applications I have installed on my devices. I wish YouTube had picture-in-picture support, but there’s plenty of third-party implementations. As for Google Photos, I rarely open the app. It usually just runs silently in the background, uploading any new photos I take.

PipTube, YouTube on Your Home Screen ➝

A neat new app for viewing YouTube videos in iOS 9’s picture-in-picture on iPad. And this is a far more elegant solution than my previous recommendation. Just copy the video’s URL, open up Notification Center, and tap the link in PipTube’s Today View widget. If you watch a lot of YouTube videos, this is definitely worth a buy.

(Via MacStories.)

‘All-in on iPad Pro’ ➝

Fraser Speirs:

I’ve been wanting to do this for five years now and it’s finally happened. I sold my MacBook Pro to go all-in on iPad as my main personal computer. Yesterday, I packed my 2015 13″ Retina MacBook Pro back into its box and sent it off to a new owner.

People have lots of questions about this so I thought I would write a bit about the thinking and experimentation that went with this.

He cites iOS 9 multitasking as the primary feature that turned the iPad into a viable alternative to the Mac. And I agree with him, it’s probably the most significant feature Apple’s added to iOS since the app switcher. But unlike Fraser, I’m not quite ready to jump ship on the Mac yet. There’s still a few tasks that are painful, yet possible, on iOS that I’d rather keep a Mac around for.

The best example I have off the top of my head is all the work I’ve spent on the site redesign over the past few weeks. Jumping between uploading files in Transmit, viewing the finished product in Safari, and editing files in a text editor — this type of work is just so much easier on OS X. I could have done it all in iOS, and some of which I did, but each task might as well have taken me twice as long to complete.

YouTube Picture-in-Picture ➝

A neat little web utility that lets you view YouTube videos in iOS 9’s picture-in-picture for iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro.

How Jon Wheatley Works on an iPad Pro ➝

Jon Wheatley, writing on Medium:

Two weeks ago I got rid of my laptop and bought an iPad Pro. My goal was to use it exclusively until I just couldn’t take it anymore. Here’s how it’s going.

Many of his workflows involve iOS 9’s split-screen feature. It’s hard to believe that the ability to run two iOS apps side-by-side is only a few months old given how crucial it’s become for many of us iPad owners — I have no idea how we got by without it.

Sidefari, a Web Browsing Companion for iPad ➝

A neat little iPad app that uses iOS 9’s Safari View Controller and Slide Over to easily display two webpages at once. This has already made drastic changes to my Linked List-writing workflow — the process feels much more natural now. And I no longer need to keep jumping between tabs for references or to copy and paste author names and quotes.

On the Lack of a Flagship iPad Pro App from Apple ➝

I haven’t used the iPad Pro at all, but I’d venture to guess that iOS 9 is the killer app. More specifically, split-screen multitasking.

‘Goodbye, Apple News’ ➝

Samantha Bielefeld isn’t happy with Apple News and has decided to send a request for her site to be removed from the service.

I’ve only launched Apple News out of sheer curiosity and to ensure that my site’s latest articles are showing up. But News isn’t for me. It just isn’t powerful enough for my needs — I need more diverse tools for sharing, a simple way to add new sites, and an interface that I can trust is showing me all of the articles. News doesn’t do that for me.

I will continue to check in and test my site, but I don’t think the application will ever grow to be as feature-rich as I would like it to. I’ll continue using Fever, Mr. Reader, and Reeder for the foreseeable future. But unlike Samantha, I don’t plan on removing my site from the service — I would consider that to be a “never eat chips again” decision (a concept that I’ll eventually write about, someday).