‘Goodbye, Apple News’ ➝

Samantha Bielefeld isn’t happy with Apple News and has decided to send a request for her site to be removed from the service.

I’ve only launched Apple News out of sheer curiosity and to ensure that my site’s latest articles are showing up. But News isn’t for me. It just isn’t powerful enough for my needs — I need more diverse tools for sharing, a simple way to add new sites, and an interface that I can trust is showing me all of the articles. News doesn’t do that for me.

I will continue to check in and test my site, but I don’t think the application will ever grow to be as feature-rich as I would like it to. I’ll continue using Fever, Mr. Reader, and Reeder for the foreseeable future. But unlike Samantha, I don’t plan on removing my site from the service — I would consider that to be a “never eat chips again” decision (a concept that I’ll eventually write about, someday).