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Safari Extensions Gallery ➝

This morning Apple released Safari 5.0.1 which enabled extensions by default for all Safari users. I’ve been using extensions on Safari ever since 5.0 was released but have relied on a great tumblr weblog curated by Jonas Wisser to find new extensions.

But, Apple has finally published their Safari Extensions Gallery, a place for developers to share their extension and a place for users to find new ones. The extension gallery isn’t getting as much attention as I believe it deserves. Just look at the companies listed as developers on the homepage — Twitter, Microsoft, MLB, New York Times, eBay, Amazon. Firefox may best Safari in terms of number of extensions but it’s pretty obvious that Safari has the bigger developers backing it.

ctrlSwitcher ➝

Paul Kehrer has developed an extension for Safari 5 called “ctrlSwitcher.” The extension let’s you use control or option + number keys to switch between tabs.
As a former Firefox user command + number key is a much more comfortable way of switching between tabs than Safari’s default keyboard shortcuts. I still would prefer being able to use command instead of control or option but extensions aren’t able to override previously bound commands because of security concerns.

The little bit of time that it takes to move my hand from the Magic Mouse to the keyboard and back again was driving me crazy. My web browsing has sped up considerably since I installed this extension.