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Open Source Plans for Vesper ➝

Brent Simmons:

Q Branch’s existing open source code — DB5 and QSKit — will be moved to my personal GitHub account. I will continue to maintain DB5 (I continue to use it). QSKit will not be maintained, but will be made available as historical artifact.

We will make Vesper for iOS, Vesper for Mac, and Vesper’s JavaScript sync service open source on my personal GitHub account. This code will also be provided as historical artifacts: they’re not intended as active projects. They’re also not intended as examples of how to write apps these days.

It’s incredibly sad that the folks at Q Branch weren’t able to find success with Vesper. But I have hope that someone will pick up where they left off and build something great with the open sourced code.

To SoundCloud, Love Dave ➝

Dave Wiskus, in an open letter to SoundCloud regarding their new subscription service:

Your Go service is $9.99 for unlimited songs. Users can download songs for offline listening. Anyone can access the same collection of songs for free but with advertisements included. So far so good. But then I get to the “Creators” section of your announcement to see what this means for my band, and I see nothing at all about our cut of the take.

As things currently stand, it doesn’t look like SoundCloud intends to pay most smaller, independent artists with its subscription revenue. This doesn’t sound good. SoundCloud should move quick to rectify this, otherwise they risk alienating the artists that helped make them what they are today.

Publishing Songs in Connect ➝

Dave Wiskus:

Uploading a song in the Music app is clunky. In order to get the song to post, it has to be available in My Music. Which means that I need to import the track to iTunes on my Mac, convince it to sync with my iPhone (a process that took about 12 hours and restoring my phone from a backup), and then go searching for it in a list that doesn’t immediately present with a search field.

This was exactly what I was worried about when I wrote about Apple Music two weeks ago:

If there’s any resistance along the way — Apple doesn’t nail the publishing tools, artists get more attention on Twitter or Facebook, etc. — it could suffer the same fate as Ping.

The good news is that Dave received an email from Trent Reznor assuring him that they were aware of the growing pains and are taking steps to address them. Hopefully sooner than later.

Vesper. Collect your thoughts. ➝

A new notes application by Brent Simmons, Dave Wiskus, and John Gruber. It’s a beautiful application that’s very snappy but doesn’t quite have the most important feature for me — syncing. If I was able to access Vesper notes from my Mac I’d immediately switch. But for now, I’ll patiently await a future update that adds some sort of syncing support.

Vesper – $4.99