Publishing Songs in Connect ➝

Dave Wiskus:

Uploading a song in the Music app is clunky. In order to get the song to post, it has to be available in My Music. Which means that I need to import the track to iTunes on my Mac, convince it to sync with my iPhone (a process that took about 12 hours and restoring my phone from a backup), and then go searching for it in a list that doesn’t immediately present with a search field.

This was exactly what I was worried about when I wrote about Apple Music two weeks ago:

If there’s any resistance along the way — Apple doesn’t nail the publishing tools, artists get more attention on Twitter or Facebook, etc. — it could suffer the same fate as Ping.

The good news is that Dave received an email from Trent Reznor assuring him that they were aware of the growing pains and are taking steps to address them. Hopefully sooner than later.