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Steve Jobs Bashing Music Subscription Services ➝

Steve Jobs, discussing subscription music services in 2003, as referenced by Dave Mark on The Loop:

You pay to download 500 songs and one day you stop paying your subscription fee and your entire music library goes away.

He was right. I don’t want to pay $10 a month for the rest of my life just to listen to music. Especially when my favorite artists, none of whom are “top acts”, will ever make meaningful money from the deal.

I’d much rather buy a digital download directly or, even better, a physical CD of the album. I will own that music for the rest of my life and I’ll be supporting artists along the way.

➝ Source: loopinsight.com

Things Apple Changed, Were Mocked for, Then Were Copied Industry Wide ➝

Dave Mark, writing on The Loop:

A few days ago, I got into a Twitter discussion about things Apple changed and were mocked for changing, yet those changes were copied and, eventually became the new normal. The original discussion was prompted by a wave of phones embracing the notch.

iOS 10 and Removing Built-in Apps From the Home Screen ➝

Dave Mark points out an little known aspect of iOS 10’s ability to “uninstall” default apps:

Interestingly, some apps have a fallback and others do not. For example, if you delete the Calendar app and have Fantastical installed, Fantastical will automatically fill the calendaring role (you can add calendar events to Fantastical via Siri, for example). But if you delete the Mail or Calculator app, nothing fills the gap, even if you have alternatives installed. This is a beta, so that behavior might change.

Siri and the Music Chart Question Kerfuffle ➝

Dave Mark, writing on The Loop:

This issue is getting a lot of coverage. Some of the reaction, perhaps predictably, is quite negative, implying that Apple is intentionally holding back data from non-subscribers.

I’ve barely paid attention to this story, mostly because I don’t think it’s a big deal. Claiming that Apple is “holding back data from non-subscribers” is a bit facetious — isn’t that the whole point of paywalls and subscription content?

In short, some people are mad that Apple is requiring them to pay for data that sits behind a paywall. Oh, woe is me.

A List of Content Blockers for iOS 9 ➝

Dave Mark is compiling a list of iOS 9 content blockers. I suggest checking it again in a week or two to see if any innovative and interesting ones show up.

Dave Mark on Apple Music’s Home Field Advantage ➝

Dave Mark, writing for The Loop:

My music is available in Apple Music. I can mix and match, switch back and forth between Apple Music and my music effortlessly. I can build a playlist with both. With Apple Music, there’s no sense of inside and outside the garden.

Apple Music may have an advantage in that you can easily jump between streaming music and purchased music within the same app. But there’s an entire generation of teenagers that have never bought a song in their life — everything they listen to is either pirated or streamed from YouTube, Pandora, or Spotify. For them, having all of their purchased music available alongside streaming tracks isn’t anything that’s worth switching over because they don’t have the same ecosystem investment as we do. They want a reasonably priced solution (preferably free) that gives them access to all of the songs they want on every device they own.

Battery Life With iOS 9 and Apple Watch Betas ➝

Dave Mark did some testing to see what his battery life was like while using iOS 9 beta 3 and latest beta of watchOS 2.0. His results were quite impressive and fall in line with my experience on the iOS 9 public beta. I’ve only been using it for a couple of days, but I haven’t seen any signs of poor battery life — I’ve been getting the same 9-12 hours per charge as I did when I had iOS 8 installed.