Dave Mark on Apple Music’s Home Field Advantage ➝

Dave Mark, writing for The Loop:

My music is available in Apple Music. I can mix and match, switch back and forth between Apple Music and my music effortlessly. I can build a playlist with both. With Apple Music, there’s no sense of inside and outside the garden.

Apple Music may have an advantage in that you can easily jump between streaming music and purchased music within the same app. But there’s an entire generation of teenagers that have never bought a song in their life — everything they listen to is either pirated or streamed from YouTube, Pandora, or Spotify. For them, having all of their purchased music available alongside streaming tracks isn’t anything that’s worth switching over because they don’t have the same ecosystem investment as we do. They want a reasonably priced solution (preferably free) that gives them access to all of the songs they want on every device they own.