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How to Download YouTube Videos With an iOS Shortcut ➝

If you’re looking for a way to download YouTube videos using Shortcuts, without the audio conversion like mine does, Charlie Sorrel wrote for Cult of Mac about the one he put together.

➝ Source: cultofmac.com

Nine Years of iPhone ➝

Luke Dormehl, writing for Cult of Mac:

There are no prizes for guessing the significance of today’s “Today in Apple history” installment. On 29 June 2007, the first generation iPhone went on sale — causing massive queues of Apple fans lining up outside Apple Stores around the United States.

I waited in line for seven hours and was the third person at my local AT&T store to walk out with an iPhone. I remember one of the employees telling me as I walked in, “we have demo units if you’d like to try it out before buying.” To which I replied, “that won’t be necessary.”

Spy Photos All but Confirm Upcoming MacBook Pro’s OLED Touchpad ➝

Killian Bell, reporting for Cult of Mac:

Leaked photos of what is claimed to be Apple’s next-generation MacBook Pro all but confirm it will ship with a new OLED touchpad above its keyboard. The images sent to Cult of Mac also hint at four USB-C connectors.

There hasn’t been much talk about the OLED touchpad, which leads me to believe most are indifferent about the change. As for the USB-C ports, I’ve seen nothing but outrage about it on Twitter.

Over 70% of Application Purchases Goes to Games ➝

Speaking of sad, Buster Hein, writing for Cult of Mac:

Americans who own an iPhone spent an average of $35 on apps and in-app purchases last year, only instead of forking over cash for productivity or education apps, the majority of that money goes to gaming.

I wish more users would spend a few dollars on a well-designed indie app every now and then.

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts ➝

Rob Lefebvre, writing for Cult of Mac:

The iPad Pro keyboard has a Command key on it, as do several third-party keyboards.

If you’re already a Mac user (and you should be), you’ll feel right at home when you need to create a new document in Pages, make your text bold or italic, or even show the word count in a document. Here are several key combinations you can use right out of the box.

As far as I know, all of these should work with Bluetooth keyboards as well, regardless of which iPad you’re using. I knew most of these already, but it’s always nice having an occasional reminder to help me learn to actually use them during my writing.

Apple: Quit Weighing Things on Your iPhone 6s ➝

Luke Dormehl, writing for Cult of Mac about a scale app’s rejection from the App Store:

Called Gravity, they submitted it to the App Store, only to have it rejected for “having a misleading description.” To show the app in action, the team then submitted a video to Apple, but were told that “the concept of a scale app was not appropriate for the App Store.”

I could see why Apple doesn’t like the idea of applications which encourage users to put heavy objects on their iPhone to see how much they weigh.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s Accuracy ➝

Great piece by Alex Heath on KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. I especially like the chart at the bottom showing the accuracy of Kuo’s predictions over the past several years — only missing two out of twenty eight predictions since 2011 is pretty impressive.

How Can iPhone’s 1GB of RAM Compete with Over 2GB of RAM in Android Phones? ➝

Glyn Williams answering on Quora:

you need four or eight times more memory, than you are actually using to be super efficient. But when the memory becomes constrained, that performance goes way down. This is why Android devices have all that RAM. iOS does not use this style of garbage collection and does not slow down in constrained memory environments. So 1GB for iOS results in more performance than 3GB for Android.

I knew that garbage collection was the reason for Android’s insatiable appetite for RAM, but I didn’t realize it was this bad. I suppose this is just another example of why you shouldn’t get too hung up on hardware specs, as they don’t tell the whole story.

(Via Cult of Mac.)