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Matt Birchler Reviews watchOS 6 ➝

A great review of watchOS 6 by my buddy Matt Birchler. I would disagree with his thoughts on the Calculator app, though:

Listen, this is a basic calculator and works…fine. It really only does addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but really how often will you do this on your watch?

I can’t speak for the majority of users and maybe I’m in the minority with this, but I use a calculator app (Calzy) on my Watch every single week when my wife and I grocery shop. I find it much more comfortable to keep our running total on my Watch than to clumsily pull my iPhone out each time we throw something in the cart.

And this has become even more useful to me with Josh in our life. I usually carry him in our Ergobaby 360 carrier and I’m always a little worried he’ll wiggle at the wrong time and I’ll end up dropping my phone on the ground. But there are no worries on that front when using the Apple Watch.

➝ Source: birchtree.me

The Unstoppable TI-84 Plus ➝

A calculator whose MSRP hasn’t changed from its current price of $150 since its release a decade ago. I guess its perfectly fine to let your product languish when you have a near-monopoly on high school math classes.

Calcbot for iPhone and iPad ➝

I’ve been looking for a good calculator app for the iPad ever since I received mine in late April. I originally settled on PCalc because it was the only for-pay calculator app I could find for the iPad. But, it didn’t really do it for me. PCalc is ugly, and it’s interface is a little too overwhelming for my taste.

Enter Calcbot. There’s not a whole lot you can say about a calculator app. Calcbot works well and looks great. It has all of the features I need and several that I never will. Luckily it keeps all of its functions hidden in a second pane which keeps the interface clean.

I like that all of your history gets “printed to tape” so that it’s all saved if you need to recall it for a later calculation. And even better, Calcbot is a universal app that runs at native resolution on both the iPad and iPhone. If you’re looking for a great calculator app for the iPad or a replacement for your iPhone’s calculator app, Calcbot is a great inexpensive choice.