Calcbot for iPhone and iPad ➝

I’ve been looking for a good calculator app for the iPad ever since I received mine in late April. I originally settled on PCalc because it was the only for-pay calculator app I could find for the iPad. But, it didn’t really do it for me. PCalc is ugly, and it’s interface is a little too overwhelming for my taste.

Enter Calcbot. There’s not a whole lot you can say about a calculator app. Calcbot works well and looks great. It has all of the features I need and several that I never will. Luckily it keeps all of its functions hidden in a second pane which keeps the interface clean.

I like that all of your history gets “printed to tape” so that it’s all saved if you need to recall it for a later calculation. And even better, Calcbot is a universal app that runs at native resolution on both the iPad and iPhone. If you’re looking for a great calculator app for the iPad or a replacement for your iPhone’s calculator app, Calcbot is a great inexpensive choice.