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Josh Swimming in his Life Jacket

We had a construction-themed party in our backyard, gathering many of our friends and family to celebrate Josh’s birthday. The kids played with squirt guns, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles, while the rest of us competed in a few rounds of Mölkky. There was pizza, cake, and presents.

Over the past year, Josh has learned the alphabet, how to spell his name, built the confidence to swim on his own in his life jacket, and more. We can’t wait to see what the next twelve months brings.


Josh at Two

Joshua Matthew Rockwell is another year older. It’s been tough at times, as parenting tends to be, but it’s the most rewarding thing my wife and I have ever done. He’s speaking quite a bit more lately, learning new words every day. He’s jumping around the house with a seemingly endless supply of energy. I thank God every day for this little guy.

We had planned a small get-together to celebrate, but Josh spiked a fever last week and we ended up having to cancel. It’s unfortunate, but we’re going to try and reschedule it for another weekend. In the meantime, he’s been having a blast riding around on his new tricycle.


Joshua at One

One year ago, Joshua Matthew Rockwell came into this world and changed my life forever. There have been ups and downs, but I can’t overstate how happy my wife and I are to have him around. He’s learned to walk, eat solid food, say “mama” and “dada”, climb steps, and more. It’s fascinating to watch a child learn and develop — I can’t wait to see what comes next.

We had a small get-together with family to celebrate in our backyard. He loved the cupcake, ran around the yard with his cousins, and fell asleep in his high chair eating dinner. It was a good day.