Apple Further Explains Why iGBA Was Removed From App Store ➝

Joe Rossignol, reporting for MacRumors:

Notably, Apple confirmed to us that emulators on the App Store are permitted to load ROMs downloaded from the web, so long as the app is emulating retro console games only. Apple also said it had approved iGBA’s functionality, before learning that it was a knockoff app, suggesting that Game Boy emulation is permitted on the App Store, but the company has yet to share any other examples of retro game consoles.

I learned about iGBA on the App Store when Retro Game Corps published a YouTube short highlighting it. I was going to write about it here on Monday and discovered that it had been removed.

I’m happy to learn that there wasn’t a mixup in app review and that emulators are allowed. I think there’s some question about what Apple considers to be “retro” emulation, though.

My suspicion is that Apple isn’t going to make an explicit decision on this and will, instead, rely on their policy of restricting access to JIT to limit what their hardware is capable of emulating.

Without access to JIT, current emulators that are available through sideload are only able to emulate up to PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Sega Saturn for home consoles and PSP and some Nintendo 3DS for handheld consoles.

Regardless, though, I look forward to seeing more emulators make their way onto the App Store.

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